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My name is Kim Ohse. My passion for the giant Newfoundland dog started when I was a little girl looking through the Encyclopedia of Dogs. Owning one of the beautiful black dogs became a lifelong dream for me. After my husband retired and we moved to an 80 acre farm in West Plains, Missouri with a 5 acre lake, my dream came to fruition. Newfoundlands are gentle and compassionate with children and the elderly. They get along with other animals and love the water. A Newfoundland is happy just lying at your feet while you rest or swimming in rivers, lakes or oceans with you. These gentle giants are often used as water rescue dogs. After my husband passed, these wonderful dogs were such a comfort to me.


Ozark Legends Newfoundland have outstanding champion pedigrees which gives them the advantage of good genes. Because we believe the requirements are the same for a companion family member as it is for our champion show dogs, our primary concern is health, type, and temperament. We are a proud participant of the AKC Bred by H.E.A.R.T. program. Our breeding stock are OFA certified for elbows, hips, and heart; plus cleared through DNA testing for cystinuria. We raise solid black, brown and black & white landseer.


ALL puppies are born in our home and lovingly socialized by my 5 children and 14 grandchildren. Our puppies remain with their dam until the age of 5 weeks when they are moved to their own climate controlled play area where they learn how to eat solid food and how to use litter pan that graduates to a doggy door for outside potty. Our puppies are bathed, blown dry, and nails trimmed once a week.  This way, when they come to you, they are already familiar with going potty outside and used to being groomed.


Our puppies sell fast, so if you see one that catches your fancy, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to speaking with you about your new family member.


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